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  • flood damage title
  • scrap title
  • strom area title
  • flood title
  • water damage title
  • non-negotiable title
  • mechanic lien title
  • lemon title

Other Possible Problems With This Vehicle:

  • Being reassembled
  • cannot be legally driven
  • salvage ttl w/fl reassignment title
  • prior crashes
  • open manufacturer recall
  • major damage
  • odometer tampering
  • used for driver education
  • repossession risk
  • being deserted

Recently Reported Lemons

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  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2004 | Customer Satisfaction: high
  • Mack CL713 1998 | Customer Satisfaction: highest
  • Honda VF750 1995 | Customer Satisfaction: high
  • Yamaha FZ1 2008 | Customer Satisfaction: lowest
  • Lincoln Town Car 2009 | Customer Satisfaction: highest
  • Subaru Forester 2006 | Customer Satisfaction: lowest
  • Yamaha XVZ13 2008 | Customer Satisfaction: highest

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National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

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