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Other Possible Problems With This Vehicle:

  • Being reassembled
  • lemon branding
  • unsatisfied lien
  • cert of salv w/ nd reassgn title
  • accident damage
  • reported at auto auction
  • participation in high-speed crash test
  • registration in storm area
  • exceeded mileage
  • odometer malfunction

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Last Decoded VIN

Basic Data:


Manufacturing Country / Region:
USA / North America



Number of Cylinders:

Safety Features:
Dual Front and Side Air Bags 

Basic Specifications:
Compact Disc, Power Brakes, Daytime Running Lights, AM/FM Stereo, Tilt Wheel, Power Steering, ABS (4-Wheel) , Power Windows,Air Conditioning

Transmission Type:
4 Spd Automatic 

Wagon 4 Door 


Drive type:

VIN History Records:

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